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However you envision the construction process of your project, you can expect to see some complexity. Major construction projects such as storm damage restoration and home remodeling are best left to the professionals. If you have one of these complicated jobs on your hands, look to the team at Ridgeline to help you. Ridgeline is located throughout Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia.

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Masonry
  • Patios/Decks
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Windows
  • & More!

Flooring Services

Level up your interior landscape

Homeowners know the importance of having a beautiful floor. It's the first sight guests see when they arrive in your home, and the last thing many people think about when they leave! The right floor can enhance an entire living space and create a lasting impression on your guests, and even yourself.

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Flooring Services

Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

Install the best quality roof over your head

At Ridgeline, our team of professionals are here to help you choose your materials and guide your selection. We strive to keep the importance of the design of your home in the forefront.

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Roofing Services Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Drywall Repair & Installation

Residential or commercial drywall solutions

For any wall or ceiling issue in the DMV, Ridgeline Contractors should be your first choice that comes to mind. Whether you need drywall repairs or a new installation, no matter if the work is residential or commercial, we are here to meet your needs.

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Drywall Services

Exterior and Interior Painting

Change the color and look of your living or work space

For interior and exterior painting projects, residential or commercial, we deliver high quality painting services with amazing attention to detail. Choose Ridgeline for the best experience and outcome.

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Drywall Services Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Masonry and Brick Repair

Get the best masonry repair and construction

From general stonework to chimney repointing, rebuilding, and waterproofing to full brick and stone restoration in the DMV, you can be assured that our talented and experienced team of contractors at Ridgeline will be able to transform and update your home.

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Masonry Services

Patios and Decks

We have the best patio solutions on deck

Ridgeline brings your outdoor visions to life. We are a contracting & deck installation company in the DMV that offers both design and construction services for your deck or patio.

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Patio and Deck Services Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Electrical Services

Repair and installation for your electricity

Ridgeline takes pride in knowing we're available to assist with your electrical needs, such as lighting and additional power sources throughout your home.

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Electrical Services

Plumbing Contractors

Taking care of the pipes in your home

You deserve a stress-free and easy experience when it comes to plumbing. We understand that you already have enough to deal with on a regular day-to-day basis; a plumbing problem and a problem plumber are the last things you'd want to be dealing with. Contact us at Ridgeline for your construction and plumbing needs.

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Roofing Services Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Window Repair & Installation

Where quality and transparency matter most

Ridgeline offers a wide variety of replacement window, door, siding and gutter products and the highest quality installation and repair services. Remodeling your home should be a cost-effective and rewarding experience. Our goal is to ensure that we exceed our client's expectations with every task that we perform.

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Drywall Services

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